Hi! I'm Amy, maker behind The Simple Stuffs. I am a graphic designer and plush artist in Brooklyn, NY. When I'm not working on design projects, you will find me making these plush designs. I have been sewing for over a decade and always have had a deep passion for plush art. I am so happy that, through my plushies, I am able to share that passion with you!



Q: How long does it take to process and ship an order?

A: Please allow 3-5 business days for order to be packed. Shipping is about 4-11 business days for U.S. packages and 1-4 weeks for international packages.


Q: How are your plushies priced?

A: The price is based on material cost, size, time I put into making the plush, and complexity of design.


Q: What materials do you use for your plushies?

A: I use fleece, sherpa, mink, and various repurposed fabrics that I can find. I enjoy enjoy mixing different textures of fabrics in my designs. You will also see buttons, beads, trim, and felt as decorations.


Q: Who are these plushies for?

A: They are for anyone of any age! I believe that you are never too old to find joy in cute and simple things. These plushies are meant to be a bridge between toys and art, so they can be played with and serve as an art piece in the home. The decorative pieces are securely sewn on, but the plushies are still not meant for rough play and should be handled with care.


Q: How are plushies shipped?

A: I wrap each plush in tissue paper and they are shipped in a cardboard box. Each package comes with a tracking number. 


Q: How do I care for my new plush?

A: If the plush gets dirty, hand wash gently and lay flat to dry. I highly recommend to not machine wash as it is too rough on the fabric and details.